Stan-Mar Company was founded in 1983 and from the very begining has been known as a leading Polish manufacturer of fishing leaders. Many years of hard work and experience make us one of the major producers of fishing leaders in Poland and have achieved a very strong and important position in Central and Eastern European markets.We are present in many European countries and also add new markets to export to.

Our leading products are leaders made of tungsten wire or steel wire. The leaders are made from a wave of many thin filament of tungsten (or steel). The strengh of a leader depends on the number of fibers which ranges from 20 to 120.

We offer wolfram leaders of the strength of 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg and 35kg, and steel leaders of the strength of 5kg and 10kg. Our leaders are 15cm, 25cm 35cm and 45cm long.

Every leader has passed the endurance test to eliminate the problem of poorly made snaps, swivels or leaders. We also offer fishing accessories such as swivels, snaps, swivels with snaps and rings.